Getting Started


There are two ways to install the SlideDeck plugin.

Method 1: Install Slidedeck manually:

  • You can download the SlideDeck plugin from

  • Unzip it and copy SlideDeck plugin folder in /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  • Click on the Plugins tab from your WordPress admin dashboard and activate SlideDeck plugin.

Method 2: Install SlideDeck from admin area:

  • Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

  • Go to ‘Plugins’.

  • Go to ‘Add New’. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’ button at the top.

  • Upload


IMPORTANT! Never uninstall/reinstall the plugin, as that would also delete your previously built sliders. Instead, as long as the following instructions are followed, any previously built sliders will be saved and still exist once the update process is complete.

Update via WP Dashboard

  • First, find out what version of the plugin you’re currently using.

  • If it’s the older version, click on “update now” link listed in the plugin’s description as shown in the following screenshot.

  • And you are done.

Update via FTP

  • Replace the plugin files via FTP

  • Next, delete the folders/files located inside the following directory: wp-content/plugins/slidedeck/

  • And then replace them with the folders/files located inside the “slidedeck” folder that can be found inside the zip file you downloaded and saved on your PC.

  • Finally, reload the plugin’s main admin page, the “Installed Version” should now match the “Latest Available Version”

Update via cPanel

The best way to update the plugin is from cPanel so that there are no chances for loosing any settings and Data associated with the plugin.

  • First, you need to download the latest plugin and save in some folder in your system.

  • Take a Backup of old Plugin by renaming it.

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Click on Plugins Tab -> Add New -> Browse the location of plugin zip -> Install the latest plugin -> Activate.

  • Then if you want, you can delete the older version of the plugin.

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